Here you will find some common problems you might have with the software and some solutions. If you cannot find any help here, please contact us, we are happy to help with your problem.

Bluetooth connection problems

If you are having trouble connecting with Bluetooth, here are some common solutions:

- Check that the server side Bluetooth connection is visible to other devices.
- Check that the phone side Bluetooth connection is visible to other devices. Also check that the visibility does not close due to timeout.

Wifi connection problems

If you are having trouble connecting with Wifi, here are some common solutions:

- Check that both the phone and the computer are connected to the same local network.

- After connecting the computer to the wifi network, restart the server software.

​- Allow connections through port 12347 from firewall.​

Mouse response is laggy/slow​

Wifi:  Some devices may have poorer wifi hardware, resulting in laggy connection. With these devices it may be better to use bluetooth connection. 

Bluetooth: This may be due to slow sensor update rate or slow bluetooth connection. Try updating your bluetooth driver.

​The  mouse drifts / moves randomly 

The motion sensors experience some drift sometimes and when they do, they need to be recalibrated. If the mouse pointer drifts/moves around randomly, place the phone on a flat surface for a moment. That should recalibrate the sensors.

If this does not work, to trigger a recalibration turn the phone around in all three dimensions. You can also try combination of these two techniques. After this the sensors may take a moment to recalibrate.​

The quality of the motion sensoring is hugely dependent on the quality  of sensors on your phone model. If you find the motion sensors too jittery, try increasing filtering from the settings.​

Some sensors used for the motion sensing uses magnets, so do not use the app right next to electronic devices or strong magnets.

Error messages

Here are some common error  messages you may get and what they mean.

- No sensors found. Your phone probably does not have one of the three sensors that the app needs to work. You can use the touchpad, but the motion sensor control does not work.

Cannot connect to server. There was a problem making the connection between phone and computer. See "Connection problems" above.

No supporting sensors found. No additional sensors found for some reason. In this situation the app uses only gyroscope for motion sensing without additional sensor signal stabilization.

No bluetooth device found on linux

See linux instructions.

Ubuntu: install libbluetooth-dev

Fedora: install bluez-libs-devel

openSUSE: install bluez-devel


sudo apt-get install libbluetooth-dev

I cannot remove the server from my computer

The server uninstaller is saved under the installation folder.

For example C:\Program Files\MouseMote server\Uninstaller

To remove just run the uninstaller and after that delete the installation folder.