​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here you will find basic information about how to  connect the MouseMote

app to a computer, settings and also some troubleshooting information.

1. Pairing with computer

2. Calibration

3. Controls

4. Settings

1. Pairing with computer

Via Bluetooth

The computer has to have a bluetooth transmitter to connect

with bluetooth.

1. Download the server software to your computer from

downloads section
2. Start server software. It should say "Bluetooth server running".

Additional linux info.
3. Open MouseMote on your phone and from the first

window click "scan for bluetooth connections".
4. Click the open connection. Tick "connect automatically" if you

want to connect automatically to the same device the next time you

open the app.​

Via Wifi (requires server version 1.3)

To connect with Wifi both the computer and the phone have to be connected to the same local network. 

1. Download and install server software to your computer from downloads section.
2. Start server software. It should display the servers IP address.
3. Open MouseMote on your phone and enter the displayed server IP on the first window.

If you are having trouble connecting, see troubleshoot.

Hint: Speed up bluetooth discovery by pairing the devices. You can do this by enabling bluetooth discovery and pairing the devices from bluetooth settings of either one of the devices. You are asked to match the codes from each device. After this they are paired.

2. Calibration

When the android device is moved around, the motion sensors may experience some disturbance. If the mouse pointer drifts/moves around randomly, the sensor need calibration. Click the       - button from the actionbar to run calibration again.

There are also some other things you can do: 1. Place the phone on a flat surface for a moment. That should recalibrate the sensors. 2. If this does not work, to trigger a recalibration turn the phone around in all three dimensions. You can also try combination of these two techniques. After this the sensors may take a moment to recalibrate.​

3. Controls

The control buttons can be enabled/hidden through settings menu. Some of the buttons have special gestures for additional functions, which are listed here. This is the view with the most important controls enabled:

Buttons and gestures:

1. Touchpad can be used to control the mouse. Hold your finger on the touchpad and move it around.

                Single tap: Mouse click

                  Double tap & drag: Drag with mouse

​                  Drag up/down with two fingers: Scroll

2. Pointer button is used to move the pointer with the motion sensors. Hold the button down and move the phone around to interact.

                 Hold: Move mouse with motion sensors.

                   Single tap: Mouse click. (Can be enabled from settings-menu)

3. Left mouse button works like the left button on a regular mouse.

                Single tap: Normal mouse click.

                  Long hold: Drag with mouse.

4. Scroll button is used for scrolling just like the scroll wheel on a mouse. Hold your finger on the button and move up and down to scroll.

                Scroll: Scroll mouse wheel.

                  Single tap: Click mouse wheel.

                  Double tap and hold: Click mouse wheel and move with airmouse to scroll.

5. Right mouse button works like the right button on a regular mouse.

6. Keyboard button brings out the virtual keyboard, which can be used like the regular keyboard to type and control the computer.

4. Settings

By going to the settings -screen you will see these options:

Mouse mode

Touchpad : Motion sensors are off and touchpad mode is active.

Motion sensor : Motion sensors are on.

Enable touchpadIf motion sensors are on, touchpad can also be enabled.
Webbrowsing modeShows keys for controlling a browser. (Back, refresh, search)
Arrow keysToggle powerpoint mode (left and right arrow keys) or full arrow keys (all arrow keys and return key) on and off.
Multimedia controlsEnabe/disable multimedia player controls. Click here for a list of supported players.
Toggle mouse buttonsHide/show left mouse button, right mouse button and scroll wheel.
Motion sensor speedAt which speed should the pointer move when using motion sensors to control the mouse.
Touchpad speedAt which speed should the pointer move when using touchpad to control the mouse.
Scroll speedScrolling speed when using the middle mouse button.
Calibrate on connectEnables/disables whether the calibration screen shows every time the app connects to the server
Calibrate motion sensorShows instructions to calibrate motion sensors.
Motion sensor accuracy

When the motion sensors are need calibration the accuracy of the signals get worse. This option dictates the minimum accuracy of the signal that is used for control.

Use sensor assistApp uses additional sensors besides gyroscope to stabilize the motion sensor signals. This can be turned off.
Restore default settingsRestores all settings to default factory values.

A video demonstrating the gestures.

A video demonstrating calibration.

Web browsing buttons


Media player controls

Powerpoint buttons

Arrow buttons

Usage instructions